Wired vs Wireless Battery Monitoring System: Which One Is Better?

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wired vs wireless battery monitoring system

If, without the battery monitoring system, we can’t immediately get the status of the battery to prevent and respond quickly to risks like overcurrent which may cause a fire. Now, there are mainly two kinds of battery monitoring systems: wired and wireless, and next we will have a contrast to them.

Wireless Battery Monitoring System

The wireless battery monitoring system is a kind of battery management system that harnesses wireless communication technology to monitor and manage the real-time health, performance, and state of the battery components, so as to maximize the application of the battery. It has a variety of communication protocols like WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular network.

Wired Battery Monitoring System

The wired battery monitoring system is a type of smart battery monitoring system that utilizes the physical wired connection cables to transfer the signals and monitor the whole state of the battery. The main communication protocol of the wired battery monitoring system is Ethernet.

Wired vs Wireless Battery Monitoring System

Both wired and wireless battery monitoring systems can monitor the status of the battery, collect and transmit conducive data signals to protect the battery. But there are also some differences between them, and next we will have a contrast to them.

wired vs wireless battery monitoring system

A Contrast Between Wired and Wireless Battery Monitoring System

Next is a contrast between wired and wireless battery monitoring systems in their features and functions.

Installation Cost And Time

It will cost more money and time when installing the wired battery monitor in that cables may need to pass through walls and grounds. However, the wireless battery monitor is easier to install as it can ensemble sensors when needed without cables.

Maintenance Cost

Wireless battery monitors are more likely to have faults and problems in numerous sensors, so the cost of maintenance would be higher; while the wired battery monitor may cost in rare cable damage but it is not expensive.


With unwieldy wiring cables, the wired battery monitoring system will be more heavy and inconvenient. But the wireless battery monitoring system does not have this trouble.


The wireless battery monitor does not depend on the physical cables, and we can get access to it in different spaces in a short time, so it is more convenient. On the contrary, the wired battery monitor is trapped by the unwieldy cables and can’t move around easily.


The wireless battery monitor can add other new sensors and devices without additional wiring infrastructure,  while wired ones are more difficult to get new connections unless installing additional cables.


Unlike wireless signals that will be affected by the environment and various factors like distance, the wired battery monitor can transfer data faster through cables not always influenced by other external factors.


Compared to the wireless battery monitor which may face interference caused by unstable signals or external factors like weather, the wired battery monitor is more reliable and stable.

Signal Interference

Compared with the wired battery monitor, the wireless battery monitor is more susceptible to signal interference, environment reasons. However, the wireless application has improved reliability and managed to solve interference issues.

Simplified Contrast Table

Modes of ConnectionWiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular networkEthernet
Installation Cost And TimeLower cost

Shorter time

Higher cost

More time

Maintenance CostHigherLower
Reliability NormalBetter
Signal InterferenceMoreLess

From the above table, we can find that both the wired and wireless battery monitoring system have their benefits and drawbacks, and we can choose them as per our requirements. If used for private like laptop, handphone, we can select the latter; if used in business or fixed places, we can choose the former.

Where to Buy the Best WiFi Battery Monitor

The WiFi battery monitor is a battery monitoring system that uses WiFi as communication protocol. Mokoenergy is committed to innovating and producing premium battery monitors, especially the WiFi battery monitor. We have mastered mature technology and have possessed an excellent research group and profound engineers. Moreover, we can offer products with guaranteed quality and global supply chain management, and service to various industries like light EVs and industrial.


Having looked through the pros and cons of wired and wireless battery monitoring systems, you can better choose an appropriate battery monitor based on your considerations. Mokoenergy can provide sound WiFi battery monitor for you, so if you have any needs for it, please contact us without hesitation.

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