Consumer Electronics BMS Boards Power Your Devices Smartly and Safely

industrial bms with Battery Protection

Enhanced Safety

Our BMS boards are equipped with advanced protection mechanisms, including over discharge, over charge and short circuit protection.

Real-Time Monitoring of Energy storage BMS Board

Improved Balancing

Our BMS boards incorporate intelligent cell balancing, which optimizes individual battery cell performance, maximizes capacity, and minimizes voltage disparities.

Performance Monitoring of industrial bms

Remote Monitoring

Maintain control with real-time remote monitoring. Track battery status and performance, allowing you to proactively manage your devices.

Types of Consumer electronics BMS Boards

BMS Board for Smartphones

BMS Board for Smartphones

Ensure your smartphones run longer with dependable battery management, providing users with extended usage and reliability.

BMS Board for Laptops

BMS Board for Laptops

Maximize the efficiency and battery life of laptops and tablets, ensuring productivity on the go without worrying about power limitations.

BMS Board for Electronic Toys

BMS Board for Electronic Toys

Enhance safety, playtime, and longevity of interactive toys through intelligent battery management and protection during high-drain operating conditions.

BMS Board for Drone

BMS Board for Drone

Enable extended flight times and range for recreational, commercial and inspection drones through robust battery protection.

BMS Board for Vacuum Cleaner

BMS Board for Vacuum Cleaner

Prolong cleaning runtimes between charges through intelligent battery management for cordless vacuum cleaners.

BMS Board for Street Sweeper

BMS Board for Street Sweeper

Maximize operating hours for heavy-duty electric sweeping vehicles with robust battery management and diagnostics.

Why Choose MOKOEnergy BMS Boards for Consumer Electronics?

Extensive unit data and knowledge to help determine the best unit for your application

Proven Expertise

With years of industry experience, MokoEnergy has earned a reputation as a trusted leader in BMS solutions.

Power tool Battery management system (BMS) design and customization capabilities


Tailor our BMS boards to meet your consumer electronics' unique specifications, ensuring a perfect fit.

MOKOEnergy's power tool bms supports wide temperature range, high shock and vibration, and robust design features

Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality testing is at the core of our manufacturing process, guaranteeing reliability and durability in every BMS board.

mokoenergy's power tool bms vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities save time and costs

Cost-Effective Solutions

We offer competitive prices without compromising the quality of the BMS board, ensuring that your project is affordable.

MOKOEnergy's power tool bms expands your global presence with local operations and support

Technical Support

MokoEnergy's dedicated technical support team is ready to help you seamlessly integrate our BMS into your equipment.

Transform your consumer electronics experience with the power of our Battery Management System. Join the future of efficient and reliable device performance. Contact us now!
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