New energy solution in Building & Construction Application

Our products can be used in various stages of construction, including powering construction sites, providing backup power for buildings during construction and after completion, and optimizing energy efficiency for completed buildings.

Renewable energy integration

Building and construction projects can benefit greatly from renewable energy integration. Our solar inverters and energy storage systems seamlessly integrate solar energy into the building’s energy supply. By harnessing the power of the sun, buildings can generate clean and sustainable energy, reducing their dependence on traditional energy sources and making a positive impact on carbon emissions.This integration is particularly beneficial for buildings located in remote areas or areas with limited grid access.

Construction site power supply

During the construction phase, temporary power supply is frequently required on construction sites. Mokoenergy’s portable energy storage system and EV Charging station provide a reliable and environmentally friendly solution. These systems can power tools, lighting and other equipment, ensuring that construction work continues smoothly and efficiently even in remote or off-grid locations. By adopting our solutions, construction companies can decrease their dependence on fossil fuel generators and mitigate their environmental footprint.

Energy saving transformation

Many existing buildings could benefit from energy efficient renovations. Integrating our building management systems (BMS) and smart energy solutions into older buildings enables the optimization of energy usage, enhances system performance, and lowers operating costs. By monitoring and controlling a variety of building systems, including lighting, HVAC and security, our solutions enable precise energy management, resulting in significant energy savings and improved occupant comfort.

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The incorporation of Mokoenergy’s new energy solutions resulted in significant benefits for the office building:

Substantial Reduction in Energy Consumption

The energy management system allowed for precise monitoring and control of energy usage, leading to a 20% reduction in overall energy consumption compared to similar office buildings.

Cost Savings

The integration of solar power and energy-efficient lighting resulted in substantial cost savings on electricity bills, translating into long-term financial benefits for the building owner.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

By relying on renewable energy sources and implementing energy-efficient measures, the office building achieved a significant reduction in its carbon footprint, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

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