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With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) in transportation, there is a growing need for robust charging infrastructure to support the charging needs of public transport fleets. Our state-of-the-art energy equipment and storage solutions are specifically crafted to assist the transportation industry in achieving greater efficiency and sustainability. Whether you are in business or public transport, Mokoenergy has the technology needed to power your vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Mokoenergy offers a range of electric vehicle charging stations tailored for transportation management. These stations offer swift and dependable charging services for electric vehicles, encompassing cars, buses, and other vehicles in fleets. They come equipped with advanced features like intelligent charging management, payment systems, and remote monitoring capabilities.

mokoenergy's solutions used in transportation can be seen in Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
mokoenergy's solutions used in transportation can be seen in Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage Systems

Mokoenergy’s energy storage solutions work in harmony with the charging infrastructure, storing surplus energy during off-peak hours and delivering it during periods of high demand. This ensures a stable power supply for charging operations, reduces strain on the grid, and enables the use of renewable energy sources. Energy storage systems enhance the efficiency and resilience of transportation management.

Smart Energy Management

Mokoenergy’s smart energy management system allows transportation authorities to efficiently manage the charging infrastructure. It provides real-time monitoring of energy consumption, charging status, and grid conditions, ensuring optimal utilization of energy resources and preventing overloading or grid instability. The system also enables load balancing and demand response strategies to optimize energy usage and reduce peak demand charges.

mokoenergy's solutions used in transportation can be seen in Smart Energy Management

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Benefits of New Energy Solutions in Transportation

new energy solution is good for Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Adopting new energy solutions in transportation significantly reduces carbon emissions and air pollution. The use of electric vehicles fueled by clean energy sources plays a crucial role in enhancing air quality and combating the adverse effects of climate change.

new energy solution saves cost

Cost Savings

New energy solutions can lead to significant cost savings in transportation management. Electric vehicles provide cost savings in terms of lower operating and maintenance expenses when compared to conventional fossil fuel-powered vehicles. Additionally, energy management and storage systems help optimize energy consumption, reduce peak demand charges, and enhance overall energy efficiency, resulting in lower operational expenses.

energy energy solution is helpful for energy Independence

Energy Independence

By incorporating new energy solutions, transportation management can reduce reliance on fossil fuels and external energy sources. Generating and storing renewable energy on-site provides a more sustainable and resilient energy supply, ensuring uninterrupted operation and reducing vulnerability to energy price fluctuations.

new energy solutions increases Efficiency and Productivity

Improved Efficiency and Reliability

New energy solutions offer advanced monitoring and management capabilities, enabling transportation managers to track and optimize energy usage in real-time. This leads to more efficient charging operations, reduced downtime, and enhanced reliability of transportation services.

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