Experience peak industrial efficiency with our Industrial BMS Board

What Can Our Industrial BMS Do for Your Operations?

industrial bms with Battery Protection

Battery Protection

Safeguarding batteries from overcharging, over-discharging, and operating outside their safe ranges.

Performance Monitoring of industrial bms

SoC&SoH Monitoring

Real-time tracking of battery health, state of charge (SoC), and state of health (SoH) to optimize energy usage.

industrial bms with Optimal Utilization

Optimal Utilization

Balance battery voltage, optimize charge and discharge cycle, improve battery life.

industrial bms with Energy Efficiency Optimization

Efficient Energy Usage

Enhancing energy efficiency by controlling energy flow and distribution within the system.

Where Can Our Industrial Battery Management System Be Used?

industrial BMS Board for Robots

BMS Board for Robots

Unlocked precision by integrating our BMS into robotic assembly lines. Reduce 25% errors during assembly.

industrial BMS Board for AGVs

BMS Board for AGVs

Guide warehouse robots over long distances by optimizing onboard battery power.

Custom BMS Solutions for Specific Needs

MOKOEnergy offers customized BMS solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need a robust BMS for a backup power system or an energy-efficient solution for your manufacturing facility, we will work with you to develop a solution that meet your goals.

High-Voltage BMS Board

With our manufacturing prowess, BMS technology excels in assembly lines, forklifts and robots, increasing efficiency and safety.

Low-Voltage BMS Board

This Battery management solution ensures longevity in garbage compressors and street sweepers. Balanced energy distribution fosters sustainability.

From assembly lines to electric sweepers, we combine energy management with operational needs. Discover more power of battery protection board now!

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