What tests can you do before replacing your BMS for ebike battery?

My e-bike battery failed due to overcurrent protection. Is it possible to save the BMS?

If your e-bike batteries is failing due to overcurrent protection, there are some tests you can do before replacing your BMS for ebike battery.

  1. First, try “jumpering” the battery’s BMS. Jumpering a battery sends a signal that triggers the BMS to reset. Different batteries/BMSs have different protocols, so check the wiring diagram that came with the battery or consult your battery supplier.
  2. If that doesn’t work, you can do a more extensive test of the e-bike battery pack and BMS. The core is to check the voltage of the individual battery cells (make sure they are in the 3.6-8V range) to make sure no batteries are dead.
  3. If the e-bike battery is dead, you can replace it, which may cost about $15-$20 in parts (and will also require a spot welder and some nickel tabs).

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