Can I utilize 1s battery protection board for the 4 cell lithium ion batteries in parallel?

I bought a 1S BMS that is not so expensive. Can it be used to monitor a parallel circuit composed of four lithium-ion batteries?

No, you can’t. Using a 1s battery protection board for the 4 cell lithium ion batteries in parallel is not recommended and may not provide the necessary protection and balance control for the batteries.

Most 1S chargers are power bank boards, and these usually won’t overcharge or over-discharge your battery because they already have the protection circuitry. Excessive current or short circuit is not a problem, just need to properly adjust the size of the battery pack. It is personally recommended to use 1S BMS only in completely unregulated appliances such as flashlights or e-cigarettes, as in some power circuits they do not perform well enough and can over-discharge the battery.

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