Can BMS fail in lithium battery? How does it affect the battery?

I know the BMS can protect the battery pack circuit, but if something happens and the BMS fails, will there be any serious ripple effects?

Yes. Any lithium battery BMS is possible to fail. The suppliers of BMS must have anticipated these situations and planned ways to deal with them.

  1. If our lithium battery BMS fails, it will go into “battery low” protection off mode. It stops the battery from discharging.
  2. The worst-case scenario is for the BMS to malfunction and allow the battery to overcharge. Can cause cells to rupture and start a fire. That’s why a lot of battery packs also have a thermal fuse that shuts it off if the BMS fails to protect it first.

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How to test a BMS fault with a multimeter?

I want to test whether is my BMS fault or not and now I have a multimeter. Can you tell me how to test it with a multimeter? And please tell me what I should pay attention to during the testing process.

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