How to diagnose the reason of battery BMS disconnection for no reason until charged?

I was away from home, and my e-bike lost all power after I leaned it against a tree. Twice, the BMS cut off the power for no reason and could not restart until I recharged it. I tried to disconnect the power supply five times, but the voltage of the BMS remained zero until the charger was connected. Why did it repeatedly disconnect for no reason before charging?

Based on your description, it appears there is an issue with the battery BMS. It did happen if you had a problem with one of the equalizing wire connections to my battery BMS. Because an unstable connection can trigger the protection mechanism, connect the charger to reset it.
Here are four actions you can follow to find out the reasons for battery BMS disconnection:

  1. Check battery status: Use a Domite (resistance meter) to check battery voltage. Ensure that the battery voltage is within the normal range and should not be lower than the minimum voltage allowed for safety.
  2. Check BMS indicators: If there are indicators on the BMS, make sure they are not displaying any error codes or fault indications. Consult your electric bike or BMS manual for the meaning of the indicator lights.
  3. Contact a professional: If you are unsure how to resolve the problem, or if the problem persists, it is recommended to contact the e-bike manufacturer or a professional e-bike repair technician who can more fully examine and fix the BMS issue.
  4. Backup Plan: If possible, before repairing, make sure you have a backup safe charging and battery operation plan to prevent problems during the trip.

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