What is the environmental impact of battery management system?

I've been working on the power battery BMS recently, and I wonder if it's really good for sustainability? What does it do?

BMS battery technology enables electric vehicles to leapfrog gasoline or other fuels and also highlights the sustainability and environmental impact of battery management system.

  1. Electricity has always been cheaper and better performing than gasoline, but batteries were not sufficient to support electric use in cars until 20 years ago.
  2. Batteries are among the few options capable of handling the fluctuations in wind and solar power production. The need for energy storage is real, though often exaggerated by opponents of cheap and abundant clean energy.
  3. The real developments in utility-scale wind and utility-scale solar make this obvious, with many large grids today generating more than 25% of their electricity from wind and solar.

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How to test a BMS fault with a multimeter?

I want to test whether is my BMS fault or not and now I have a multimeter. Can you tell me how to test it with a multimeter? And please tell me what I should pay attention to during the testing process.

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