How to determine which li ion battery BMS can be used in Li-ion bl-5c batteries?

I am looking to build a DIY Ups, I have many li-ion and lithium batteries, but I am wondering what kinds of BMS is suitable for them.

The BMS battery management system you seek for Li-ion BL-5C batteries or other Li-ion battery types must ensure that you can accomplish three essential tasks:

  1. Do not exceed the maximum charging rate and voltage when charging. Li-ion batteries typically have a nominal voltage of 3.6V or 3.7V per cell. BL-5C batteries, for example, have a nominal voltage of approximately 3.7V.
  2. The minimum voltage and maximum current shall not be exceeded when discharging.
  3. The cell can keep balance when charging.

If the Li-ion bl-5c battery and Li-ion battery BMS have the above functions, they can work properly.

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