What are the advantages of wireless BMS for the smart battery ecosystem?

I have heard that wireless BMS is easier to integrate into battery pack design than wired BMS. What role does this play in the smart battery ecosystem?

There are many advantages of wireless BMS for the smart battery ecosystem.

First, the wireless BMS offers automakers a seamless integration option for their battery pack designs.

  1. It comprises a wCMC unit for each battery module and a wireless manager unit responsible for supervising the communication network, enabling wireless connections between multiple battery modules and the ECU.
  2. Besides its wireless capabilities, each wCMC unit incorporates a BMS board for highly accurate measurements of diverse battery parameters. The application processing unit can evaluate the battery’s SOC and SOH because of this capability.

Secondly, while wireless BMS technology already takes full advantage of eliminating wiring harness design and assembly issues, there are many more areas in the battery lifecycle that will generate additional value:

  1. Battery Assembly: The only connection required for the battery module is the power terminal, which can be easily done through a highly automated process. Eliminating the physical labor of assembly and testing also avoids safety risks for assembly line workers. In addition, modules can be tested and matched before being installed inside the battery.
  2. Repair: The secure wireless function allows an authorized diagnostic device in the garage to easily analyze the battery pack’s condition without physically interacting with it. If a problem is identified, the malfunctioning module can be effortlessly taken out and substituted. The wireless setup streamlines the process of installing new modules into the battery system.

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