Should you replace BMS or upgrade it when the battery is in good condition?

I recently purchased a 2023 Surron with a 40AH battery. I'd like to increase the top speed slightly, and also possibly increase the torque a bit past 15 MPH. From what I've seen, the main limiting factor to battery performance is the stock BMS, and I've seen several people mention the ANT BMS, which supposedly allows for higher discharge rates and also has Bluetooth capabilities for more information on battery condition. And it doesn't seem like it would cost more than $200 or so, which I can still afford within my budget. Is it recommended that I replace the BMS?

Replacing a BMS is a fairly advanced project and if you are not familiar with soldering, using a multi-purpose digital voltmeter (DVOM), and especially working with live voltages, then I would not recommend considering this project.

  1. Soldering: This refers to the skill of joining electronic components together. When replacing BMS, soldering may be required to connect wires and batteries. If you are not good at soldering, it may result in poor connections or circuit problems.
  2. Use a multi-purpose digital voltmeter (DVOM): A DVOM is a tool that measures electrical parameters such as voltage, current, and resistance. A DVOM is needed to test and diagnose circuits in electronics projects.
  3. Handling of live voltages: This means working with circuits in operation where high voltages may be present. This requires care and caution.
    In addition, all balanced leads will need to be reinserted to accommodate the new BMS connections.

Finally, while there may be a modest increase in power after replacing the BMS, the BMS will still cut off the discharge if the voltage drops below the low voltage cutoff point. This means that although some power increase may be gained, the BMS will still maintain protection of the battery to prevent the voltage from dropping to dangerous levels.

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