Do 100AH batteries have a 200A BMS?

I'm thinking about swapping out the lead acid batteries in my travel trailer with two affordable 100AH LiFePO4 batteries. These new batteries come with features like high or low temperature protection and Bluetooth connectivity. On a Facebook group, I was advised to buy a 200AH battery with a 200A BMS("Make sure not to buy the 100A BMS kind"). I thought it might be better to connect two 100AH batteries in parallel, but I didn't find any option with a 200A BMS.

I personally think that two 100A BMS can be used in parallel 100AH batteries.

  1. This gives the same load capacity but saves the cost of purchasing a 200A BMS.
  2. Another advantage is that if one BMS fails, you can continue to use a single 100A BMS.

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