BMS for Smart Grid BES-06

BMS for Smart Grid BES-06

600V Lithium BMS for Smart Grid

Designed for large grid battery systems, MOKOEnergy’s SmartGrid-BMS provides extensive monitoring and balancing capabilities. With high voltage/power support, outdoor-rated protection, and integrated SCADA protocols, this BMS optimizes performance and lifetime for your utility storage needs. Modular construction allows flexible scaling while advanced diagnostics and algorithms provide actionable insights into your batteries. Choose MokoEnergy’s field-proven solution to maximize your grid energy storage capabilities.

Key Features of BMS for Smart Grid

> Outdoor rated enclosure – NEMA 4 rating allows installation in harsh electrical grid environments

> Cell modular design – Each module manages up to 200 cells for flexible battery system scaling

> Advanced cell balancing – Precise balancing through passive and active methods for max battery life

> Utility-grade communications – Integrates DNP3, IEC 61850, Modbus for SCADA and grid management systems

> Rugged vibration resistance – Vibration-proof design for stationary and mobile applications

> Over-the-air updates – Firmware can be remotely updated for new features and fixes

Parameters of BMS Board for Smart Grid

Model Number


Input voltage range


Continuous Discharge Current


Maximum Charge Current


Supported Battery Chemistry

Lithium-ion, LFP

Cell Count Range

Up to 4000 cells

Operating Temperature Range

-20°C to 50°C


Over/under voltage, overcurrent, short circuit, high/low temp, cell imbalance

Communication Interface

CAN, RS485, Ethernet, cellular

Cell balancing current

3A per cell

Measurement Inputs

Voltage, current, temp, SOC, SOH

Enclosure dimensions

500mm x 400mm x 200mm

Enclosure rating

IP65, NEMA Type 3R

Vibration resistance

5G peak


2 kg

Remote monitoring

SCADA, historian, cloud analytics

Safety certifications

UL1973, IEEE1547, IEC 62477-1

9 Major Protections on BMS for Smart Grid

Overvoltage Protection

Overvoltage Protection

Undervoltage Protection

Undervoltage Protection

Short Circuit Detection

Short Circuit Detection

Cell Voltage Monitoring

Cell Voltage Monitoring

State-of-Charge Estimation

State-of-Charge Estimation

Thermal Management

Thermal Management

Fault Diagnosis

Fault Diagnosis

State-of-Health Estimation

State-of-Health Estimation

Communication Interface

Communication Interface

FAQs of BMS for Smart Grid

Our BMS uses encrypted communications, role-based access control, and other measures to secure grid battery storage systems.

Yes, the vibration resistance and flexible configurations allow using our Smart Grid BMS on both fixed and mobile battery storage.

The BMS has redundant controllers, 24V DC backup power, and data logging to prevent data loss in case of power failure.

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