How to choose a suitable lithium battery protection board (BMS)?

I am in the project's initial phase and must select the appropriate lithium battery protection circuit board. Can you provide me with a guide?

The popularity of lithium-ion batteries has led many people to choose lithium batteries. However, the use of lithium batteries can not be separated from a suitable battery management system, to choose the right lithium battery protection board, one must remember the following points.

  1. Confirm the voltage value
    After we determine the type of battery, we have to determine the voltage value of the battery pack according to the number of strings of batteries, this time to pay particular attention to the different types of lithium batteries, they correspond to the battery standard voltage are different.
    The voltage of the battery pack = battery voltage of a single string * number of strings of batteries, according to the number of strings to choose the right voltage protection plate.
  2. Confirm the current value
    The current value is also quite an important part. Lithium battery application scenarios are rich, different application scenarios for choosing the lithium battery protection plate current are also very different. In general, when it comes to two-wheeled electric vehicles, the chosen capacity often exceeds the theoretical value by more than twice. For three-wheeled electric vehicles, the selected capacity typically surpasses the theoretical value by more than three times. Meanwhile, four-wheeled low-speed vehicles commonly opt for a capacity that is approximately 3.5 times the theoretical value. Inverter and energy storage piece, choose a 1.2 times. Optional electric car protection board, is the easiest way, direct reference to the electric car controller’s current limit, the current value of the protection board must be greater than the controller’s current limit value.
  3. Confirm the battery multiplier
    Battery discharge is 1C, you protect the board selected very large, the load power is higher than 1C or more, it is also easy to cause damage to the battery.

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