How to extend my electric scooter battery life and get the most from it?

As an electric scooter owner, I rely on my scooter for my daily commute and getting around town. Lately though, it seems like the electric scooter battery life battery life is really starting to go downhill. I want to know how to extend my electric scooter battery life and get the most out of each charge. Please tell me tips like best practices for charging, storage conditions to avoid battery degradation, suggestions on higher-performing replacement batteries down the line, riding style adjustments - anything that can help me improve range and longevity would be super helpful.

To maximize electric scooter battery life:

  • Use only a compatible, official charger to prevent battery or BMS damage. The BMS monitors cell voltages and temperatures.
  • Frequent full recharges promote longevity for daily use. But avoid overcharging past 100%.
  • Occasionally recharge if unused for long periods to prevent deep voltage discharge.
  • Always fully recharge after rides before unplugging. Partial charges strain the BMS over time.
  • Fully charge new batteries/scooters initially to calibrate the BMS.
  • Store in cool, dry places. Temperature and moisture rapidly degrade batteries, which the BMS can only protect against so much.

Following those basic charging, usage, and storage guidelines keeps your electric scooter battery life and BMS happy and lasts for years!

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