Why Choose MOKOEnergy’s Battery Health Monitoring System?

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Why Choose Mokoenergy's Battery Health Monitoring System?

Regarding to battery health monitoring system(BHMS), we will always think of battery protection and lithium batteries. So next content will have a brief introduction to the BHMS, including its definition, functions, and advantages as well as its applications.

What is Battery Health Monitoring System?

The battery health monitoring system(BHMS) is an intelligent system installed to monitor the health of the batteries. BHMS will alarm when the batteries are overcharging or under other risks, ensuring the whole safety of the batteries and prolonging the lifespan of the batteries.

Battery Health Monitoring System(BHMS)

Functions of Battery Health Monitoring System

BHMS has powerful functions, which can monitor and estimate the following parameters:

  1. State of charge (SOC) estimation
  2. State of health (SOH) estimation
  3. Individual cell voltage
  4. Amp-hour of the battery
  5. Battery temperature
  6. Over-voltage
  7. Under-voltage
  8. Charging and discharging current

Comprehensive functions help maximize the performance and safety of the batteries and minimize the potential risks and hazards, ensuring the health of the battery and the efficient operation of batteries.

Advantages of Battery Health Monitoring System

Next, we will look further into the benefits of BHMS:

  1. Continuous and real-time monitoring and recording: BHMS can discover the faults of the battery in time under continuous monitoring.
  2. Improve battery life and performance: by monitoring the whole condition of the battery and identifying potential hazards, BMHS is beneficial to optimize the performance of the battery.
  3. Reduce the maintenance costs: the protection from BHMS reduces the likelihood of problems, so that lowering the cost of maintenance cost.
  4. Obvious visual and audible alarm: the apparent alarm will alert the user and quickly protect the batteries from threats.
  5. Remote monitoring and management: it is valuable for those batteries used across long distances or distributed positions, saving time and enhancing the efficiency of the batteries.
  6. Reliability: real-time monitoring makes the BMHS capable of predicting and preventing unexpected risks, enhancing the reliability of the battery.
  7. Lifetime monitoring: the BHMS will monitor the whole life of the batteries and offer lifetime protection.

The above advantages offer a sound guarantee for the operation of the batteries, ensuring the ongoing power supply and the safety of the batteries, and more importantly, lowering the cost of maintenance.

Applications of Battery Health Monitoring System

The great functions and advantages of BHMS make the BHMS an advanced and favorable system for the battery. Furthermore,  BHMS also has a wide range of applications, which means that it can be used in any field and industry that utilizes electrical energy management and storage systems with lithium batteries, such as:

  1. Transportation, including battery electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.
  2. Light EVs like scooter.
  3. Power tools like screwdriver.
  4. Customer electronics like handphone, laptop.

There are more fields that BHMS could used in can be explored, and the wide utilization of BHMS also proves its great performance and beneficial functions.


Having learned the above basic knowledge about battery health monitoring system, you must have an elementary understanding of BHMS. Mokoenergy manages to produce premium BHMS, so if you have any questions or needs in it, please contact us without hesitation.

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