MOKOEnergy Solar Panels:
Cost-effective, Dependable, and Efficient

MOKOEnergy Solar Panels have a 25-year power output warranty, a temperature coefficient of -0.35%/°C, and an industry-leading module efficiency of up to 22.9%. 

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SP-01 Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

400-700W, 22.5% high efficiency

SP-02 Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

230-270W, 15.3% high efficiency 

Our Photovoltaic Inverters are Used for

Residential Roofs

Your carbon footprint can be decreased and clean, renewable energy can be provided for domestic uses with our solar panel. 

Commercial Roofs 

Feasible for business projects, our solar panel can make full use of the accessible roof space and reduce operating costs. 

Off-Grid Applications

Our PV panels are also well-suited for off-grid and isolated installation as we have improved the panel’s low-light performance. 

Ground-Based Utilities

Power stations and solar farms are also important applications of our robust solar panels. 

How Does Solar Panels Operate? 

With the use of PV technology, solar panels can transform sunshine into electrical power that can be used in our houses. When sunlight strikes the solar cells, it can release electrons, which can produce electric current. In addition, when an inverter is used for the resident or grid, the DC electricity will be converted to AC power, after which the conversion is complete.

working principle of Solar Panels
Installation of MOKOEnergy's Solar Panels

Installing MOKOEnergy's Solar Panels Is Simple 

1. Sizing: determine the system’s size based on the roof’s area and energy requirements. 
2. Racking: assemble the railing/racking system in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. 
3. Grounding: verify the equipment and racking are properly grounded. 
4. Modules Installing: fix modules to racking to keep fire code spacing consistent. 
5. Wiring: connect modules in strings with the use of practical cable management.  Install the inverter(s) and fasten them to the strings of modules. 
6. Inspection: Examine and authorize these systems after inspecting local and official utilities. 

Complementary Products for Energy Storage Inverter

Solar Inverter

Solar Optimizer

Why Choose the Solar Panel from MOKOEnergy? 

Enhanced Light Gathering 

Enhanced Light Gathering 

For optimal energy conversion, Mokoenergy’s sophisticated PERC cell design with anti-reflective coatings can collect more light. 

Diminished Resistive Losses 

Diminished Resistive Losses 

With our half-cut cells and multi-busbar architectures, the solar panel can minimize resistance to achieve higher efficiency.

Outstanding Sturdiness 

Outstanding Sturdiness 

Our panels have characteristics like IP68 junction boxes, toughened glass, and anodized aluminum frames which guarantee the durability of the panels, allowing the panels to operate well even in the harshest environments. 

Better Performance at High Temperature 

Better Performance at High Temperature 

Our improved temperature coefficients can guarantee stable outputs and consistent operation in high temperatures.

FAQs of Solar Panel

Definitely, on cloudy days, our solar panels can still generate electricity. But compared to bright days with lots of sunlight, bad weather will result in less power output.

Our panels possess exceptional temperature coefficients that can help reduce the efficiency losses caused by high temperatures. 

Of course, having undergone extensive testing, our panels are able to endure wind loads and hail shocks. 

PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Battery) can boost light capture and enhance productivity via a reflective back layer.

Half-cells can increase their resistance to shadow and decrease resistive losses. 

In high temperatures, efficiency losses can be resisted by using our low-temperature coefficients.

We provide sizing tools that take shadow analysis, roof size, energy requirements, and other aspects into account.

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