Top 7 Solar Panel Companies in 2024

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As we move in addition into 2024, the importance of renewable electricity sources continues to develop. Among these, solar strength stands out as one of the most handy and efficient options for both residential and commercial use. In this blog, we will discover the top 7 solar panel companies in 2024, evaluating their offerings and assisting you in making a knowledgeable decision about your solar electricity needs.

Before diving into our listing of pinnacle sun panel agencies, it’s worth noting that solar companies have visible sizeable improvements in recent years. Improved efficiency, lower prices, and progressive designs have made solar panels more attractive. As we take a look at those companies, we’ll see how they’re pushing the limits of what’s possible in solar technology.

Top 7 Solar Panel Companies in 2024

Logo of the Top 7 solar panel companies in 2024: SunPower, Jinko Solar, REC Solar, Panasonic, JA Solar、LONGi Solar, Mokoenergy

1. SunPower

Established: 1985

SunPower is situated in San Jose, California, and it has been in the production of solar systems for slightly over three decades. It is famous for its high-efficiency panels and covering its products with a broad warranty agreement. They are most famous for their Maxeon solar cell technology.

2. Jinko Solar

Established: 2006

One of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers globally, headquartered in China.

3. Mokoenergy

Established: 2006

Mokoenergy might not be as well-known to the global audience as some other companies given on the list but, the company has been making waves due to their unique styles in the development of solar panels. Based in Shenzhen, China, Mokoenergy

4. REC Solar

Established: 1996

5. Panasonic

Established: 1918 (Entered solar market in 1975)

6. JA Solar

Established: 2000

7. LONGi Solar

Established: 2000

LONGi Solar,

Comparison of Top Solar Panel Companies

Solar panel companies Ranking factors

To help you better understand how these solar panel companies stack up against each other, we’ve compiled a comparison table focusing on key factors that influence solar panel performance and value.

CompanyTypes of Solar PanelEfficiency and OutputTemperature CoefficientWarrantyPrice Range
SunPowerMonocrystalline22.8% efficiency-0.29% / °C25-year product and performance warrantyHigh
Jinko SolarMono and PolycrystallineUp to 21.33% efficiency-0.35% / °C12-year product, 25-year performance warrantyLow to Medium
REC SolarMonocrystallineUp to 21.7% efficiency-0.26% / °C25-year product and performance warrantyMedium to High
PanasonicMonocrystallineUp to 21.7% efficiency-0.26% / °C25-year product and performance warrantyMedium to High
JA SolarMono and PolycrystallineUp to 20.4% efficiency-0.35% / °C12-year product, 25-year performance warrantyLow to Medium
LONGi SolarMonocrystallineUp to 22.2% efficiency-0.35% / °C12-year product, 25-year performance warrantyMedium
MokoenergyMonocrystallineUp to 21% efficiency-0.35% / °C12-year product, 25-year performance warrantyMedium

Factors to Consider When Choosing Solar Panel Companies

1. Company Reputation and Longevity

2. Innovation and Technology

3. Sustainability Practices

4. Customer Support and Service

This often entails that when using a specific type of product, quality customer support can seriously contribute to making a big difference primarily for complex installations and possible problems that may arise in the future.

5. Certifications and Standards

Ensure that you get the solar panels from companies that supply solar panels with quality and all the certifications within the market.


We have seen above that the leading solar panel makers in 2024 utilize different strategies in providing different types of solar panels for various purposes while considering the customer’s pocket. Panasonic is exclusive for its efficiency and warranties. Companies like Jinko Solar and JA Solar offer more budget-friendly options without significantly compromising on quality.

REC Solar seems to shine in the aspect of technological innovation as does LONGi Solar, while Mokoenergy offers relatively new solutions as to how to design solar panels.

All in all, the most suitable solar panel company for you depends on your requirements, the amount you are willing to invest, and the climate in your area. It is advisable that the client seek quotations from different solar panel companies, and seek advice from a solar energy specialist.

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