Top 10 Golf Cart Battery Manufacturers

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There are many brands and types of golf cart batteries on the market. Whether you are a personal golf cart user or a battery buyer, you need to choose the right brand and type of battery for your golf cart. We have compiled a list of the top 10 golf cart battery manufacturers in the world. This list contains the information you want to know about the manufacturers.

Brief Introduction to Golf Cart Battery

A golf cart battery is a component specifically designed to provide power to an electric golf cart. It comes in three main types: Flood Lead-Acid Batteries, AGM Lead-Acid Batteries and Lithium-Ion Batteries. Each of these three types of batteries has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we have already covered in detail in our previous article “How to Choose a Golf Cart Battery“. Next, we’ll expand on the top 10 golf cart battery manufacturers.

Top 10 Golf Cart Battery Manufacturers

*The ranking does not depend on the company’s strength, and each company has unique strengths and contributions to the sector.

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1. U.S. Battery

U.S. Battery has been manufacturing lead acid batteries since 1926. It is dedicated to manufacturing and developing long-lasting and durable golf cart batteries. This brand of batteries can be used for a wide range of applications. It has also introduced the XC2™ formulation and DiamondPlateTechnology®, which allows the battery to reach its peak capacity with fewer cycles. This deep-cycle battery has a rated capacity and the ability to reach peak capacity with fewer cycles than comparable batteries.

Established Year1926
HeadquartersCorona, California, U.S.
Key ProductsLead-acid and lithium-ion batteries

2. Trojan

Trojan Battery Company was founded in 1925. Their early success established their leadership position. Trojan offers a wide variety of golf batteries including lithium-ion, flooded lead acid, AGM, and gel batteries. Their batteries can be used in golf carts and in many other applications that require deep cycles, such as aerial work platforms and multi-purpose vehicles. Trojan batteries are durable, long-lasting, and versatile. They are now featuring the GC2 48V lithium battery, which will give golf carts longer range, faster speeds, and quicker recharging.

Established Year1925
HeadquartersSanta Fe Springs, California, U.S.
Key ProductsDeep-cycle lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries

3. Crown Battery

Headquartered in Fremont, Ohio, Crown Battery has been a trusted name since 1926. They specialize in manufacturing high-quality lead-acid batteries, including golf cart batteries, renowned for their exceptional performance and value. Although Crown is an established company, it continues to produce and develop modern battery products. Crown is the choice for reliability and performance.

Established Year1926
HeadquartersFremont, Ohio, U.S.
Key ProductsDeep-cycle EV batteries and AGM units

4. Allied Battery

Allied Battery, established in 1940 and based in Dayton, Ohio, is a leading provider of golf cart batteries. Their product lineup includes both lead-acid and lithium-ion options, catering to various customer needs and preferences. Allied battery can provide battery solutions for almost any golf cart model. The best features of their batteries are fast charging, lightweight, and compact design. This type of battery requires no maintenance and will not leak, so you can save yourself a lot of hassle.

Established Year1940
HeadquartersDayton, Ohio, U.S.
Key ProductsLithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries

5. East Penn Manufacturing

Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Lyon Station, Pennsylvania, East Penn Manufacturing is a major player in the golf cart battery market. It is also the second largest battery supplier in North America. It not only produces lead-acid batteries of various types and models, but also produces battery pack accessories, and a variety of wire and cable products. Most of the products are sold under their own brand names, including distribution through major North American parts retailers. Their Deka and Dura-Start brands offer reliable lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries for golf carts.

Established Year1946
HeadquartersLyon Station, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Key ProductsLead-acid batteries

6. UPG Battery

UPG Batteries was established in 1968, but it started officially producing lead-acid batteries in the 1990s. The batteries it produces are durable and considered to be quality golf cart batteries. UPG batteries are high-capacity, structurally sealed, small, and leak-proof, which ensures that your golf cart will have a long driving range and many years of maintenance-free use.

Established Year1968
HeadquartersLawrenceville, Georgia, U.S.
Key ProductsLead-acid batteries

7. Amstron

Amstron was established in 1995 and has been in the business of manufacturing golf cart batteries. They mainly produce lead-acid batteries. It utilizes AGM technology and the batteries have no risk of leakage. This is an advantage over traditional flooded lead-acid batteries. It also produces AP-GC2 batteries that have a low self-discharge rate, which allows them to be kept for longer periods without the need for rapid recharging. Amstron Battery products are guaranteed to deliver excellent results at a lower cost.

Established Year1995
HeadquartersCalifornia, U.S.
Key ProductsLead-Acid batteries

8. EnerSys

Of the 10 manufacturers mentioned, EnerSys is among the more recently established companies. It was founded in 2000. But over the past two decades, it has managed to rise to become a leader in the industry. EnerSys started as a producer of industrial batteries but later moved into various areas of the battery industry, including the production of lithium batteries for golf carts. Their NexSys line of golf cart batteries features advanced lead-acid technology, ensuring reliable power and long service life.

Established Year2000
HeadquartersPennsylvania, U.S.
Key ProductsIndustrial batteries and related equipment

9. Exide Technologies

Exide Technologies, established in 1888 and based in Milton, Georgia, is one of the oldest among the Top 10 golf cart battery companies. Their golf cart battery offerings include both lead-acid and lithium-ion options, catering to a wide range of customer needs. Exide products have a global presence, being available in 80 nations worldwide. The company boasts 33 manufacturing centers spread across 11 countries. Exide batteries are trusted to power a wide range of vehicles and applications, including cars, boats, heavy-duty vehicles, golf carts, power sports equipment, and lawn/garden tools.

Established Year1888
HeadquartersMilton, Georgia, U.S.
Key ProductsAutomotive batteries and industrial batteries

10. RELiON Batteries

RELiON Batteries, a relatively new player in the market founded in 2014 and headquartered in North Carolina, U.S., specializes in lithium-ion battery technology. Their golf cart batteries are known for their high energy density, long cycle life, and low maintenance requirements.

Established Year2014
HeadquartersNorth Carolina, U.S.
Key ProductsDeep-cycle lithium batteries

Golf Cart Battery Market Size

The golf cart battery market is experiencing significant growth, driven by the increasing popularity of electric golf carts and the demand for eco-friendly and cost-effective transportation solutions. According to a report by Business Research, the global golf cart battery market was valued at USD 453.9 million in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 671.4 million by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 4.4% during the forecast period.

A bar graph showing projections for the Global Golf Cart Battery Market Size in USD Million, with values displayed from 2020 to 2031. The market size is expected to grow steadily from around $453.9 million in 2020 to $671.4 million by 2031

Several factors attribute to this growth, including:

– Rising environmental awareness and the shift towards sustainable mobility solutions
– Increasing adoption of electric golf carts in residential communities and resorts
– Advancements in battery technology, leading to improved performance and longer battery life
– Growing popularity of golf as a leisure activity, particularly among the aging population

Mokoenergy’s BMS for Golf Cart Batteries

While choosing the right golf cart battery manufacturer is crucial, ensuring optimal battery performance and longevity requires a reliable golf cart BMS. Mokoenergy, a leading provider of BMS solutions, offers advanced BMS technology specifically designed for golf cart batteries.

Mokoenergy’s BMS for golf cart batteries offers several key benefits:

Cutting-Edge Safety: Utilizes the latest LFP battery technology for the utmost safety
High-efficiency Balancing: Passive balancing through smart switching reduces energy losses
Extended Lifespan: Delivers over 3500 cycles at 90% Depth of Discharge
Customized for Golf Carts: Tailored to suit various golf cart models, meeting unique requirements.

9 features of MOKOEnergy BMS for Golf Cart


As you embark on your quest to find the best golf cart battery manufacturers, remember to consider factors such as battery type, performance, reliability, and overall value. Whether you opt for lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries, the top 10 manufacturers highlighted in this guide offer exceptional products to meet your needs.

Additionally, investing in a reliable Battery Management System like Mokoenergy‘s BMS for golf cart batteries can significantly enhance your battery’s performance, safety, and lifespan, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable golfing experience for years to come.

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