BMS for RV Battery BES-07

BMS for RV Battery BES-07

Built-in 12V 400Ah LiFePO4 BMS for RV Battery

Experience the ultimate battery management solution for RVs with MOKOEnergy. Our robust BMS is tailored to handle the rigorous demands of motorhomes and caravans, ensuring long-term efficiency and protection. With precise SOC estimation, fault protection, and a waterproof casing, our RV BMS is built to last. Seamlessly integrate with your RV network and electrical systems for optimized performance. Get your reliable RV battery management solution at wholesale prices from MOKOEnergy.

Key Features of BMS for RV Battery

> Advanced SOC estimation – Use coulomb counting and algorithmic modeling for accurate state of charge measurement of the battery

> Active cell balancing – Actively balance all cells in the battery pack to prevent under or over charging individual cells

> High isolation voltage – Provide electrical isolation for safety and noise reduction in the high voltage RV environment

> Waterproof enclosure – Enclosure rated at minimum IP67 to handle humid/wet RV conditions

> Built-in battery monitoring – Monitor individual cell voltages, temperatures, internal resistance and other parameters

> Robust protection – Protection against over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit, high temperature and other faults

> Diagnostic features – Provide error logs, status reports and usage data to assist in troubleshooting and maintenance

Parameters of BMS Board for RV Battery

Model Number


Input voltage range


Continuous Discharge Current


Maximum Charge Current


Supported Battery Chemistry

Lithium-ion, LiFePO4, Lead-Acid

Cell Count Range

Up to 100 cells

Operating Temperature Range

-20°C to 60°C


Over/under voltage, overcurrent, short circuit, high/low temp

Communication Interface

CAN, RS485

Cell balancing current

1A per cell


Voltage, current, temp, SOC

Enclosure dimensions

160mm x 120mm x 45mm

Ingress protection


Vibration resistance

20G peak



Remote monitoring

Bluetooth, WiFi, app interface


5 years

Other features

Configurable charge/discharge profiles, jump start mode

9 Major Protections on BMS for RV Battery

Overvoltage Protection

Overvoltage Protection

Undervoltage Protection

Undervoltage Protection

Short Circuit Detection

Short Circuit Detection

Cell Voltage Monitoring

Cell Voltage Monitoring

State-of-Charge Estimation

State-of-Charge Estimation

Thermal Management

Thermal Management

Fault Diagnosis

Fault Diagnosis

State-of-Health Estimation

State-of-Health Estimation

Communication Interface

Communication Interface

FAQs of BMS Solution for RV Battery

Yes, our BMS is designed to support battery banks up to 1000Ah capacity and voltages up to 48V, enabling you to easily increase capacity as your power needs grow.

Our precision coulomb counting SOC estimation and advanced cell balancing optimize charging and discharging to extend battery life. You’ll get years more service life.

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