Low Voltage BMS

Low Voltage BMS Board

Our Low Voltage BMS Board is engineered to meet the precise needs of low voltage battery systems, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Designed for applications where voltage requirements are lower, this BMS board provides specialized protection and precision control. It is ideal for low voltage battery packs in various applications, including portable electronics, low-power electric vehicles, and energy storage systems.

Key Features of Low Voltage BMS Board

All-In-One & Scalable

The BMS manages 12-16 cells, expandable with Cell Interface modules. For larger setups, use a Multi-Stack Controller for smart multi-stack management.

Smart Shut-Down

When signaled to shut down, the BMS lowers current limits to the PCS, preventing electrical arcing. It opens contactors in a failsafe sequence.

Open Wire Detection

Identifies disconnected or poorly connected voltage taps and temperature sensors to prevent control errors.

Black-Start Support

Powers from the battery with under-voltage protection for energy storage systems requiring black start capability.

Parameters of BMS in Low Voltage

Supported Battery Types

Customizable to various low voltage battery chemistries (e.g., Li-ion, LiPo, NiMH)

Voltage Range

Typically 3.2V - 48V

Current Rating

Varies depending on the battery type and configuration

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 60°C

Cell Count Supported

Single cell to multi-cell configurations

Communication Interface

CAN or UART (optional)

Balancing Current

Customizable based on the cell balancing requirements of the battery chemistry

Temperature Measurement Accuracy


Overvoltage Protection Threshold

Typically 4.2V per cell

Undervoltage Protection Threshold

Typically 3.0V per cell

Short Circuit Detection Response Time

<1 millisecond

9 Major Protections on Low Voltage BMS

Overvoltage Protection

Overvoltage Protection

Undervoltage Protection

Undervoltage Protection

Short Circuit Detection

Short Circuit Detection

Cell Voltage Monitoring

Cell Voltage Monitoring

State-of-Charge Estimation

State-of-Charge Estimation

Thermal Management

Thermal Management

Fault Diagnosis

Fault Diagnosis

State-of-Health Estimation

State-of-Health Estimation

Communication Interface

Communication Interface

Applications of Low Voltage BMS Board

BMS for Renewable Energy Storage

Energy Storage Systems

Customize energy storage solutions for residential and small-scale commercial applications, efficiently managing energy in low voltage configurations.

BMS for Electric Vehicles

Low-Power Electric Vehicles

Optimize battery performance in low-power electric vehicles such as electric scooters, e-bikes, and golf carts, enhancing efficiency and extending battery life.

NiMH BMS Board can be used in Consumer Electronics

Portable Electronics

Ensure the reliability and safety of low voltage battery packs in a wide range of portable devices, including smartphones, tablets, and handheld gadgets.

BMS for Telecommunications

Telecom Power Backup Systems

Provide dependable power backup solutions for telecommunication infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted communication during power outages and critical operations.

Types of BMS Boards

The BMS Boards offered by MOKOEnergy can be divided into more than 70 types according to the detailed classification.

FAQs of Low Voltage Battery Management System

A Low Voltage BMS, or Battery Management System, is an electronic control system designed to monitor and protect low voltage battery packs. Its primary function is to ensure the safe and efficient operation of batteries by managing factors like voltage, current, temperature, and balancing within a specified voltage range.

A BMS in Low Voltage constantly monitors cell voltages and disconnects the load or charging source if any cell voltage exceeds safe thresholds (overcharge) or drops too low (overdischarge), thus preventing damage to the battery.

No, many Low Voltage BMS units are compatible with various battery chemistries, including Li-ion, Li-Po, and LiFePO4. Check the product specifications to ensure it supports your battery type.

Yes, Low Voltage BMS units are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications, including stationary systems like solar energy storage and mobile applications such as electric vehicles.

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