Top 10 Battery Balancer Companies

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top 10 battery balancer companies

Battery balancer or battery equalizer is an electrical device that can equalize the state of charge(SOC) of cells, settling with unequal capacity of cells.  So it is necessary for the renewable industry to harness the balancer, improving the battery’s performance, extending the lifespan, and guaranteeing safety. Suppliers respond to the demands. The large demands from renewable energy cause the burgeoning of hundreds of manufacturers relative to battery balancers. In this blog, we are going to introduce the top ten battery balancer providers around the world.

Top 10 Battery Balancer Manufacturers 

NameFounded timeHeadquarterMajor product

Analog Devices (ADI)


Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA


Power management

Edge processors

Battery balancers

Victron Energy1975Almere-Haven, NetherlandsConverter

Battery balancer

Energy storage systems



Hilliard, Ohio, USA

Battery chargers

Battery equalizers


Mokoenergy2006Shenzhen, China

Smart BMS

Energy storage

Battery balancers

Microchip 1989Chandler, Arizona, USA

Solar inverter

Power management

Global Power


Shenzhen, China

Lithium battery cells

Lithium battery

BMS balancer

Eaton 1911

Dublin, Ireland

Power converters

Energy storage systems

Battery balancer

Eco-worthy2007Shenzhen, China

Solar panels

Lithium batteries

Battery balancers

ZHCsolar 2014Shenzhen, China

Solar controller

Battery charger

Battery balancers



Tokyo, Japan


Power management

  1. Analog Devices

Analog Devices or ADI is committed to mitigating global sustainability concerns with its industry and technology expertise. With analog, power management, edge processors, and battery balancers, ADI harnesses and activates the data to link customers and digital products.

  1. Victron

As a manufacturer in the production of power conversions and energy storage systems, Victron is committed to get advancement in sustainable energy over various markets like off-grid, and industrial.

  1. Vanner

Vanner has been the leader in power transformation and power conversion for commercial transportation and designs. It is dedicated to develop productions like accessories, battery chargers, converters as well as battery equalizers in the ambulance, hybrid, and other markets.

  1. Mokoenenrgy

After 18 years of development, Mokoenergy has been a professional energy solution manufacturer with strict quality standards and international regulations. Delivering innovative energy products and solutions, such as smart BMS, energy storage, and battery balancers, Mokoenergy enables various industries like agriculture, and residential to achieve energy independence.

  1. Microchip

Microchip offers a comprehensive product portfolio like inverters, and power management in various markets with outstanding technical support and dependable quality.

  1. Global Power 

Global Power offers global power battery solutions like Lithium battery cells, and BMS balancers, and serves electric bikes, vehicles, marine, and other fields.

  1. Eaton

Eaton, a power management company, is positioned to solve the world’s power management challenges. Its quality-guaranteed products, such as power converters, energy storage systems, and battery balancers, help its customers manage power.

  1. Eco-worthy

Eco-worthy is a multinational company integrated with new energy technologies, product development, and global sales. It provides independent off-grid solar power system solutions, mainly yielding solar panels, and lithium batteries as well as battery balancers.

  1.  ZHCsolar

ZHCsolar is a home and business solar product supplier, whose aim is to offer customers diverse solar industry products, especially the solar controller, battery balancers, battery equalizers, and other related products.

  1. Renesas

Renesas is a global leader in microcontrollers, analog, and power management It provides comprehensive solutions for wide markets, such as automotive, industrial, and home electronics, contributing to achieving a sustainable future.


To ensure the battery operate at its best efficiency, selecting the correct manufacturer is a crucial step. Each of the top 10 battery balancer manufacturers mentioned above has their distinctive benefits and exclusive technologies. Mokoenergy is a reputable supplier of battery balancers with advanced solutions in diverse markets. You can consult our expert about battery management system or browse Mokoenergy to get more information to make your best choice.

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