Top 10 Worldwide Solar DC Optimizer Manufacturers

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top 10 worldwide solar DC optimizer manufacturers

Swimming with the tide of renewable energy, a variety of related devices are innovated and advanced in diverse industries, including the solar DC optimizer emerging in recent years. At the same time, the demands of power optimizers from individuals and businesses are also surging, so suppliers worldwide burgeon fast with continuous innovations and advances to face such a great chance. Then, this blog is to introduce the top 10 power optimizer manufacturers around the world based on their strength and market presence.

List of Top 10 Power Optimizer Manufacturers

  1. Solaredge

Solaredge, established in 2006 in Herzliya, Israel, is a DC-optimized inverter system developer. Mainly producing solar DC optimizers, solar Inverters, energy storage, and battery monitoring systems, Solaredge is committed to powering world people with clean and sustainable energy and creating renewable energy solutions.

  1. Huawei

Huawei, established in 1987 in Shenzhen, China, is a global-leading innovator and manufacturer of telecommunication equipment, electronic devices, and a variety of rooftop solar products like power optimizers, fusion solar, smart PV controllers, and solar storage systems.

  1. Mokoenergy

Mokoenergy, founded in 2006 and based in Shenzhen, China, is a manufacturer that specializes in the production of BMS, solar inverters, and solar optimizers, enabling individuals and businesses worldwide to realize energy independence. Especially, taking a green and efficient energy environment and healthy life as its mission, Mokoenergy continues to explore and practice more optimal solutions.

  1. Tigo

Tigo Energy, founded in 2007 in Campbell, California, generated the first-generation smart module optimizer technology for the solar industry. Besides, specializing in module-level power optimizers and smart module power electronics, Tigo’s mission is to enhance safety and increase energy yield as well as decrease operating costs.

  1. Ferroamp

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Ferroamp is a greentech company focused on energy and power optimization in the usage of buildings and grids. As a leader in the development of electrification and with a vision of achieving the best sustainability, the Ferroamp mainly works on the production of power optimizers, energy storage systems, and grid solutions.

  1. Alencon System

Set up in 2009 and headquartered in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, USA, Alencon System is dedicated to helping its customers harvest more clean energy and lower costs through the incorporation of various technologies. It mainly focuses on the production of DC-DC optimizers, central inverters, and DC converters in the fields of commercial, industrial, and utility-scale.

  1. APsystems

APsystems, founded in Silicon Valley in 2010, offers a range of products including microinverters, energy storage systems, power optimizers, and rapid shutdown devices under its brands APsmart and APstorage. Focusing on maximizing solar energy harvest while maintaining cost efficiency, APsystems continues to innovate in the solar MLPE segment to ensure their products are popular.

  1. Xandex Inc.

Xandex, a Petaluma, California-based company founded in 1980, mainly has two kinds of products——DieMark and SunMizer. The former is responsible for semiconductors, and the latter markets solar products and services, like DC power optimizers.

  1. AMPT

Set up in 2007 and headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, AMPT mainly provides productions of string optimizer and communication units. By providing system-level optimization to reduce the cost and increase the energy production for its users, it benefits the global solar market.

  1. Enteligent

Enteligent, established in 2016 in California, mainly develops smart solar power optimization and solar EV charging technologies which are designed to increase energy utilization and enhance returns on energy investments. In addition, with a mission of eliminating renewable energy waste at a lower cost, Enteligent can shift night-time charging to clean, daytime charging.

Company NameFounded Time Major ProductsHeadquarter


2006Power optimizers

Solar inverters

Energy storage batteries

Monitoring systems

 Herzliya, Israel


1987Smart devices

Consumer electronics


Power optimizer

Rooftop solar products

Shenzhen, China



Solar inverter

Power optimizers

EV chargers

Shenzhen, China


2007Power optimizer
smart module power electronics
Campbell, California, USA


2010Solar optimizer

Energy storage system

Grid solution

Stockholm, Sweden


2009DC-DC optimizer

Central inverters

DC converter

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA



Power optimizer

Energy storage system

Silicon Valley, USA
Xandex Inc.



Solar solution

DC power optimizer

Petaluma, California, USA


2007String optimizer

Communication unit

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA


2016solar power optimizer

EV charger

California, USA

Factors Considered In Choosing a Better Power Optimizer

To purchase an ideal and suitable optimizer for your solar panels, you had better take into account followed factors to avoid subsequent troubles.

  1. Compatibility

When choosing the optimizer, you should ensure the selected optimizer is compatible with your existing system as different brands may have diverse parameters and specifications, so confirm your ideal optimizer could match your solar panels and inverters.

  1. Efficiency and Performance

Power optimizers with high efficiency and great performance can maximize energy harvest from each panel and provide better energy conversion. Pay attention to this key point when selecting a DC optimizer.

  1. Budget and Price

The price is also one of the important factors. Evaluate the price of the brand’s optimizer as per your budget and concrete requirements as well as the optimizer’s features and benefits.

  1. Quality and Warranty

Sound quality and an extended warranty can guarantee the long operation of the system. Moreover, quality can decrease the possibility of malfunction and a longer warranty can offer better the durability and reliability of the optimizer.

  1. Reputation

The reputation of the brand chosen also has a vital influence. SO check the history and culture of the manufacturer, look over the expertise technology, and more importantly, examine the customers’ feedback and evaluation.

You can have an overview of different brands and their optimizers, and make your decision based on your budget and specific needs after looking through the specifications, features, and cost.


The above manufacturers are at the forefront of solar optimization, pandering to the growing demands for clean and sustainable energy. Each of the top 10 international power optimizer manufacturers we’ve explored possesses unique benefits and capabilities, making them valuable partners for customers to seek the best solar optimization solutions. Therefore, when choosing a power optimizer manufacturer, comprehensive consideration of various factors will help you find the perfect candidate based on your needs and budget. Mokoenergy, as one of the first-class companies in renewable energy, offers premium goods with optimal quality and services. So, if you have any needs for the DC optimizer, please contact us.

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