What is the role of BMS in power battery safety?

The most suspicious thing about BMS is its guarantee of battery safety, so what role does it play in protecting battery safety?

The battery pack consists of both the battery management system and the power battery pack working together. The BMS communicates with the vehicle controller and charger, making it a vital link. The role of BMS in power battery safety includes:

  1. The BMS in power battery safety, upward, communicates with the whole vehicle controller of the electric vehicle through CANbus, reports the status parameters of the power battery safety, receives the instructions of the entire vehicle controller, and determines the power output according to the needs of the entire vehicle.
  2. Monitor the entire battery pack’s operation status downward to safeguard it from abnormal conditions like discharge and overheating.
  3. While charging, engage with the charger, control charging settings, and oversee the proper conclusion of the charging process.

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