Is the BMS capable of charging the battery by plugging it into a DC power source?

I am considering purchasing a BMS so that I can charge this laptop battery pack that has died. I'm wondering if I can properly connect the wires leading from the battery to the BMS and then just use a basic DC power connection to charge the battery, or do I need to install other equipment?

No, most battery management systems are not designed to simply plug into a DC power supply and charge the battery directly.

  1. Charging involves voltage conversion and current limiting, which is usually done by a switching power supply. These switching power supplies have at least one inductor on the PCB. If the BMS does not have an inductor, it will most likely not be able to charge the battery. A charger is needed to provide charging power to the BMS. The charger is a power supply that automatically limits the charge current to a safe value (“batch” mode). Once the battery is mostly full, it switches to a mode where the voltage is adjusted to maintain a safe value (“float” mode). Most “power supplies” usually do not perform these operations automatically, or at least are not specifically designed to perform them all the time.
  2. The main functions performed by a BMS include battery equalization, over/under voltage cut-off, and over-current cut-off. It is not designed to be a device that can charge the battery independently. So it is still recommended that you look for a suitable battery charger that fits the voltage and capacity requirements of your laptop battery pack. Ensure that the charger is specifically designed for the particular battery chemistry employed in the laptop battery, such as Li-Ion or Li-Polymer. Additionally, it is crucial to utilize a charger equipped with safety functionalities to guard against excessive charging and overheating. The BMS in the battery pack can supplement these safety features, but it is not a substitute for a dedicated charger.

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