Is 6S LiPo BMS required for parallel connection of 6S LiPo batteries?

If I use the same 6S lithium polymer batteries (each with a voltage of 22 V, as this is still considered safe in water) and connect them in parallel, do I need a BMS (battery management system)? Or is the BMS only for series-connected batteries?

Yes, a 6S LiPo BMS is required for the parallel connection of identical 6S LiPo batteries.

  1. A BMS is the primary way to prevent a battery pack from catching fire, so if you’re on the fence, you definitely need a 6S LiPo battery BMS. You also need an equalizer, sometimes they’re built into the BMS, and sometimes they’re not.
  2. A BMS board monitors each cell and if the voltage of any one cell in the pack deviates too far from a safe range, it disconnects the pack from the load. This can prevent overcharging and over-discharging, both of which are required for different reasons.

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