How to check the cause of battery BMS heating when power is on?

I made a new 10S battery pack, perfectly balanced, and all the wires in the 10P plug were connected in the right order. When I connected the main + and 10P plugs, there were two areas where the components would overheat. I have tried to connect all the wires and shorten the reset contacts, but still, both locations are extremely hot. what's the reason?

I recommend checking if there is a signal flow between these two heating locations. If so, then by looking at the schematic, you can find out why BMS heating. Here are the steps you should follow when debugging:

  1. First, check your component/IC bonding is correct.
  2. Check that the correct capacitor/resistor/transistor is used.
  3. Check your PCB for short circuits in this area.
  4. Try to check that the battery voltage sense wire reaches the desired voltage.

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