How do I know if LiFePO4 battery BMS is working properly?

I want to know the working status of my LIFEPO4 battery BMS. Is there any way?

The Cell voltage monitor and Voltmeter can help us know whether the LIFEPO4 battery BMS is working properly.

  1. Cell voltage monitor
    It is possible to determine if the LiFePO4 battery BMS board is working properly by using a cell voltage monitor that displays the voltage of each cell.
    I’ve tried using a similar monitor in my vehicles that shows the total voltage and the voltage of each cell. The monitor can also sound an audible alarm if the BMS fails and causes the cells to drift, and has a relay output that can disconnect the battery pack from the charge and load if needed.
  2. Voltmeter/multimeter
    In addition to using the monitor, it is also possible to check the voltage of each battery cell by manually using a voltmeter/multimeter and then comparing the differences between them. If the voltage of one of the battery cells is significantly different, or if they are all different, then the BMS may not be working properly. All of the BMSs I have installed maintain voltage accuracy between battery cells to within 0.01 volts. Additionally, by avoiding the cells operating within the limits of charging and discharging, the number of times the BMS performs cell balancing can be reduced, thus extending the life of the cells.

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