Can BMS and charging IC monitor battery charging and discharging?

One of the features I need in my project is coulomb counting for charging and discharging, do both BMS and charging IC have the same function, does that mean i only need one or two?

Yes. Both the BMS and Charging IC can be used to monitor the charging and discharging process of the battery, but their role in this regard is slightly different.

  1. BMS: The BMS system is mainly used to monitor, manage, and protect battery packs. It can actively check voltage, current, and cell temperature to make sure they stay safe. The BMS also keeps an eye on the battery’s charging, and discharging, and records its past performance.
  2. Charging IC: The Charging IC primarily oversees the battery’s charging procedure. It can monitor the charging current and voltage, and also control the charging rate. It can support different charging protocols to suit different chargers and devices.

Although both can monitor the battery charging and discharging process, BMS focuses more on the management and security of the whole battery pack, while Charging IC focuses more on the charging control and the security of the charging process. In some applications, they can be used in combination to ensure overall battery management, charging control, and safety.

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