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power optimizer-new production of Mokoenergy

The rapid boost of rechargeable energy means that those devices related to power conversion also become more important in the market. Mokoenergy has produced its innovative optimizer which is a converter beneficial to the conversion of the power output. So do you know more about it? How does it work and what are its benefits? If not, this article will give you some answers.

What Is Solar Power Optimizer?

power optimizer
power optimizer

The power optimizer is a DC-DC(direct current) converter installed on the back of each panel in an array. The optimizer can maximize the DC power generated from rechargeable energy like solar by the MPPT technology. Maximum power point tracking(MPPT) is a technique that can manage the total output of the cells and continually adjust the load to keep the module system operating at its peak efficiency point, optimizing the power output of the panel. With MPPT, the power optimizer can maintain the maximum power output, lower the loss of power production, and improve the performance of the whole system.

Moreover, paired with string inverters, the optimizer will send the optimized power to the inverter which can convert the DC power into AC power that our residential applications could use.

Shadow is one of the main reasons that people choose to harness power optimizers, especially the solar panel. It’s also useful for uneven panels and those panels that are assembled in several directions. Moreover, it can also be installed to respond to the dirt and the cell degradation of the panel.

How Does a Power Optimizer Work?

It is a bit abstract to understand power optimizer by its definition, so next we will introduce how it works and functions in solar panels.

In general, the solar panels are connected in series into an array and each panel or module is composed of a large number of wired cells. The optimizer is assembled on the back of each panel.

how does solar optimizer work

The voltage of the whole solar panel is equal to the amount of the sum of each panel, and the level of the current will vary according to the intensity of sunlight. If there is partial shadowing like a tree or building, the affected panel will have a lower voltage, and the current flow of the whole string of cells will also decrease. For instance, If there are 10% of cells are shaded, then the whole power output will also decrease by 10%. Then, to maintain the best performance, the solar power optimizer comes into play.

The power optimizer will help the whole panels be safe from the low output of the affected panels. Because the current of each cell has to be the same, the shadowing will cause the lowest current of the entire panels to become the current of the shaded cell. While the power optimizer can optimize the power output of each panel into the maximum account so that only the shaded panels are affected and other panels would not make any difference.

For example, there are three panels in series. Under normal situations, each panel can generate 500 watts; now, because of shadows, each of them can only generate 450 watts the same as the power output of the influenced panel. While the attached optimizer, the unshaded panels can generate again 500w and the affected panel can still germinate 450w.

With the solar power optimizer, the solar panel can maximize the power output and mitigate the influence of shadow so as to improve the performance of the whole solar panel.

The Benefits of the Power Optimizer

From the above introduction, we have had a comprehensive understanding of the power optimizer. Next, we will look further into the benefits of the power optimizer to figure out its values in the solar panels.

  1.  Performance improvement

As we can see, the optimizer exerts great influence on the panels when shaded. It ensures the sound performance of the panels by ameliorating the impact from shadows and maximizing the voltage to get more power.

  1.  Guaranteed electrical safety

The optimizer will equal the voltage of all panels. Such functionality can protect the PV system from over-voltage when the inverter is off or appears faulty.

  1.  Stand-alone operation

The power optimizer is only responsible for single-panel optimization, so any problems in the optimizer would not impact the conversion of DC power. Such functionality helps the PV system save more time and money.

  1.  Long lifespan

In general, a power optimizer can work for 10 to 25 years. Such a long lifespan can save maintenance and workforce costs.

  1.  More effective

Each optimizer only optimizes the serviced panel rather than the entire array, improving the optimization efficiency of the PV system. In addition, every module corresponds to an optimizer, so if an optimizer breaks down, we can quickly focus on the malfunctioned panel.

The power optimizer of Mokoenergy boasts those splendid benefits and manages to innovate and explore more advantages and functions of the optimizer.

The Price of Mokoenergy’s Power Optimizer

Next is a price reference of Mokoenergy’s power optimizer.

Rated Input PowerRange of MPPT VoltagePrice($)
320W – 700W12V-60V16.55-32.99



The price of the power optimizer will fluctuate in line with various factors like the max input and output voltage, and max short circuit current. As Mokoenergy offers customization for our customers, we will provide individual services according to customers’ requirements.


DC power optimizer is a good choice especially when there are some challenges like shadowing or dirt. The excellent benefits of the optimizer allow us to get more electricity and a better user experience. Mokoenergy has mastered mature technologies in the production of solar inverters, and now we focus on the innovation and production of the power optimizer and try to offer premium services for our customers. So if you have any needs or problems with it, please contact us without hesitation.

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