Lithium Battery Protection Board

Lithium Battery Protection Board BL-01

Our Lithium Battery Protection Board is a cutting-edge solution designed to maximize the safety and performance of lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are known for their high energy density, making them ideal for numerous applications. Our BMS board is meticulously engineered to cater to the specific demands of lithium batteries, offering unparalleled features and reliability.

Key Features of Lithium Battery Protection Board

mokoenergy's Lithium Battery Protection Board is with High-Performance MCU

High-Performance MCU

Efficient battery management with advanced microcontroller technology.

mokoenergy's Lithium Battery Protection Board is with Sealing Glue Injection

Sealing Glue Injection

Ensures waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof reliability.

mokoenergy's Lithium Battery Protection Board is with High-quality MOS

High-quality MOS

3mΩ Ultra-Low Internal Resistance to minimizes power loss.

mokoenergy's Lithium Battery Protection Board is in Compact size

Compact size

Space-saving construction without compromising functionality.

Parameters of Lithium BMS Board

Model Number


Supported Cell Type

Li-ion batteries, Lipo batteries, LifePO4 batteries

Voltage Range

3.2V - 4.2V

Current Rating

10A - 100A

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 70°C

Cell Count Supported

1S - 15S

Communication Interface


Balancing Current

50mA - 200mA per cell

Voltage Measurement Accuracy


Temperature Measurement Accuracy


Overvoltage Protection Threshold

4.25V per cell

Undervoltage Protection Threshold

3.0V per cell

Short Circuit Detection Response Time

<1 millisecond

9 Major Protections on Lithium Battery Protection Board

Overvoltage Protection

Overvoltage Protection

Undervoltage Protection

Undervoltage Protection

Short Circuit Detection

Short Circuit Detection

Cell Voltage Monitoring

Cell Voltage Monitoring

State-of-Charge Estimation

State-of-Charge Estimation

Thermal Management

Thermal Management

Fault Diagnosis

Fault Diagnosis

State-of-Health Estimation

State-of-Health Estimation

Communication Interface

Communication Interface

Applications of Lithium BMS Battery Protection Board

Lithium Battery Protection Board for Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Our lithium battery BMS board ensures the safety and performance of EV batteries with precise voltage control and advanced thermal management.

Lithium Battery Protection Board for Renewable Energy Storage

Renewable Energy Storage

Ideal for renewable energy systems, it maintains voltage levels, enhancing energy storage efficiency.

Lithium Battery Protection Board for Portable Electronics

Portable Electronics

Our best BMS for lithium batteries enhances battery life and safety in smartphones, laptops, and wearables.

Lithium Battery Protection Board for Drones and UAVs

Drones and UAVs

Offers rapid fault detection and temperature control, ensuring reliable drone operations.

Lithium Battery Protection Board for Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters

Optimizes lithium battery performance, extending the range and lifespan of electric scooters.

Lithium Battery Protection Board for Electric Bicycles

Electric Bicycles

Safeguards batteries in electric bicycles, enhancing ride reliability and battery longevity.

Lithium Battery Protection Board for Electric Motorcycles

Electric Motorcycles

Lithium ion battery protection board provides precise voltage monitoring and protection for electric motorcycle batteries.

Lithium Battery Protection Board for Electric Tricycles

Electric Tricycles

Lithium bms system ensures the safety and efficiency of lithium batteries in electric tricycles.

Lithium Battery Protection Board for Solar Street Lamps

Solar Street Lamps

Enhances the performance of lithium batteries in solar street lamps, maximizing energy utilization.

Types of BMS Boards

The BMS Boards offered by MOKOEnergy can be divided into more than 70 types according to the detailed classification.

FAQs of Lithium BMS Boards

A Lithium BMS is a crucial component for lithium-ion battery systems. It monitors, protects, and manages the individual cells within the battery pack to ensure safe and efficient operation.

A Lithium BMS helps prevent overcharging, overdischarging, and cell imbalances, ensuring the safety and longevity of your lithium-ion battery pack. It also provides real-time data for monitoring and maintenance.

Yes, our BMS board supports cell counts from 2S to 16S, making it suitable for a 4S battery pack.

Yes, our Lithium BMS is designed to work with various lithium-ion battery chemistries, including Li-ion, Li-Po, and LiFePO4, providing flexibility for different applications.

To install the Lithium Battery Management System (BMS) in your battery system, first ensure safety precautions are in place, including proper ventilation and safety gear. Consult the user manual for specific instructions, then connect the BMS balancing and power wires to the corresponding battery terminals, insulate and secure the connections, verify wiring and voltage, and power up your system. Regular monitoring and maintenance is necessary, and if you are unsure of any steps, it is recommended to seek the help of a professional to ensure a safe installation.

The Lithium BMS typically includes communication interfaces (e.g., RS232, RS485, CAN bus) for connecting to monitoring and control systems. You can use these interfaces to access real-time data and adjust settings as needed.

Yes, our Lithium BMS is adaptable and can be used for various battery pack sizes, from small-scale applications to large energy storage systems. It offers scalability to meet your specific needs.

Our board is certified with CE, RoHS, and UL (if applicable) to meet safety and quality standards.

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