BMS for Energy Storage Cabinet BES-08

BMS for Energy Storage Cabinet BES-08

32s 102.4v 50a Lifepo4 Battery Integrated BMS for Large-scale Energy Storage Cabinet

MOKOEnergy’s grid-scale cabinet BMS provides robust battery management for utility-level energy storage systems. With redundant controllers and rugged high-power design, our innovative BMS maximizes safety, lifetime, and performance for large Li-ion battery stacks. Integrated monitoring and industrial communication protocols enable complete remote control and insight. As an experienced BMS manufacturer, we offer fully customized solutions for MW to GWh storage projects.

Key Features of BMS for Energy Storage Cabinet

> High power density – Packaged to provide very high charge/discharge currents for large battery stacks

> Modular and expandable – Easily scale up to large MWh storage capacities through BMS stacking and dividing battery strings

> High computing power – Powerful multi-core processors and FPGAs to run optimized control algorithms

> Dual redundant architecture – Duplicate components and connections for increased fault tolerance

> Military grade components – Extended temp range capacitors, circuit boards etc. for long operational life

> Fiber optic interfaces – Immunity to electrical noise for robust data communication

> Model predictive control – Advanced self-learning algorithms to optimize performance and lifetime

> Liquid cooling system – Maintains safe battery temperature for very high charge/discharge currents

> Integrated fire suppression – Detects thermal runaway early and takes measures to prevent fire

Parameters of BMS Board for Energy Storage Cabinet

Model Number


Input voltage range

200V to 1000V

Maximum charge current


Maximum discharge current


Supported Battery Chemistry

Lithium-ion, LiFePO4

Cell Count Range

Up to 5000 cells

Operating Temperature Range

-20°C to 60°C


Over/under voltage, overcurrent, short circuit, high/low temp

Communication Interface

CAN, RS485, Ethernet, Fiber Optic

Cell balancing

Active balancing up to 10A per cell


Voltage, current, temp for each cell


Modular rackmount design


600mm x 800mm x 220mm


High power terminal blocks

Remote monitoring

Industrial protocols like Modbus TCP


UL, CE, IEEE1547

9 Major Protections on BMS Board for RV Battery

Overvoltage Protection

Overvoltage Protection

Undervoltage Protection

Undervoltage Protection

Short Circuit Detection

Short Circuit Detection

Cell Voltage Monitoring

Cell Voltage Monitoring

State-of-Charge Estimation

State-of-Charge Estimation

Thermal Management

Thermal Management

Fault Diagnosis

Fault Diagnosis

State-of-Health Estimation

State-of-Health Estimation

Communication Interface

Communication Interface

FAQs of BMS Solution for Energy Storage Cabinet

Our modular BMS architecture allows scaling up to megawatt level power capacities for utility storage applications.

Yes, our BMS employs multiple redundancy mechanisms like duplicate controllers, communication buses, and power supplies for increased fault tolerance.

Yes, Mokoenergy has extensive experience building customized battery management solutions tailored to the exact needs of large-scale storage projects.

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